How Your Participation Helps us Drive Forward

The Value of Golf

The First Tee teaches youth not only the fundamentals and skills needed to play the game but also valuable life skills, such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, courtesy, and respect. Values inherent in golf.  Learning to play the game also gives youth lifelong friendships, valuable time with family, and the health benefits of being outside and moving around the golf course. By supporting the First Tee, you help in delivering a dynamic program that will set our youth up for success both on the course and in life.

Affordable & Accessible

We deliver the First Tee program at many locations in the region. From school gymnasiums to community centers, parking lots, fields, and ball courts. But the best value and most impact on growing the game comes when a young person lights up after hitting a shot in the air down a fairway, or when a putt drops into a hole on a putting green for the first time. This is why we want all kids to have the opportunity to learn and play at green grass golf courses and facilities in our region. Having access to them is a key component to lifelong play and success in golf. Supporting First Tee allows us to deliver the program this way as it helps us make the game accessible and affordable to everyone.

Healthy Lifestyle

Playing golf has many benefits, and one of the biggest is promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through the First Tee Nine Healthy Habits, participants learn the tools necessary for good physical, social, and emotional health. Our coaches and mentors want our participants to learn the value of eating well, getting proper rest, self-improvement, building relationships, and confidence. 

"We want our participants to have healthy, active lifestyles."